Agusta A109 helicopters for sale

The light-weight twin-engined helicopter Agusta AW109 (formerly Agusta A109) is produced by the Italian manufacturer Agusta (now AgustaWestland). It is a multi-purpose helicopter (used commercially as well as in air ambulances and search-and-rescue) with space for eight persons.

Agusta AW109SP
Agusta AW109SPon request
Year: 2017; TTAF: 390h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Monaco; IFR equipped; Serial No.: L-610; Reg. No.: N-A  
Agusta AW109E EMS
Agusta AW109E EMSon request
Year: 2004; TTAF: 3h; Type: Helicopter; Location: France; Reg. No.: EASA  
Agusta Agusta109 C
Agusta Agusta109 CCAD 764,449
Year: 1990; TTAF: 2100h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Germany; IFR equipped, Always hangared; Reg. No.: N-reg; Last annual: 12/2019  € 490,000

Agusta A109C
Agusta A109CCAD 780,050
Year: 1990; TTAF: 2099h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Germany, Mnchen; IFR certified, IFR equipped, Always hangared; Serial No.: 7634; Reg. No.: N876VJ; Last annual: 12/2019  € 500,000

Agusta Agusta A109A II
Agusta Agusta A109A IICAD 421,227
Year: 1987; TTAF: 2444h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Germany, Kassel-Calden, EDVK; Serial No.: 7387; Reg. No.: D-HLCC  € 270,000

Agusta AW109SP GRAND NEWCAD 6,460,314
Year: 2016; TTAF: 790h; Type: Helicopter; Location: United Kingdom, LONDON; IFR certified, IFR equipped, Always hangared; Serial No.: 22355; Reg. No.: G-PIFZ; Last annual: 5/2020  US$ 4,900,000

Agusta AW109E
Agusta AW109ECAD 2,043,569
Year: 2001; TTAF: 2090h; Type: Helicopter; Location: United Kingdom  US$ 1,550,000

Agusta A109 Grand
Agusta A109 Grandon request
Year: 2009; TTAF: 1285h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Brazil; Reg. No.: GP2306  
Agusta A109A
Agusta A109ACAD 89,160
Year: 1981; TTAF: 4498h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Italy; Serial No.: 7227  € 57,150

Agusta A109E
Agusta A109ECAD 1,318,432
Year: 2000; TTAF: 2302h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Georgia, , TBS; IFR certified, IFR equipped, Always hangared; Serial No.: 11079; Reg. No.: 4L-VSA; Last annual: 10/2018  US$ 1,000,000
EU tax paid
Agusta A109K II
Agusta A109K IIon request
Year: 1997; TTAF: 3368h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Brazil; Reg. No.: GP2825  
Agusta A109E
Agusta A109ECAD 1,977,647
Year: 2008; TTAF: 2800h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Russia; Antique/Classic/Oldtimer; Always hangared; Serial No.: 11721; Reg. No.: 01900; Last annual: 12/2019  US$ 1,500,000

Agusta AW109SP
Agusta AW109SPon request
Year: 2016; TTAF: 506h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Monaco; Serial No.: L-395; Reg. No.: N-A  
Agusta A109E Power
Agusta A109E Poweron request
Year: 2008; TTAF: 2300h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Brazil, So Paulo  
Agusta AW109E
Agusta AW109Eon request
Year: 2008; TTAF: 2812h; Type: Helicopter; Location: United Kingdom