Cessna Citation III / VI / VII jets for sale

The Cessna Citation III marketed by Cessna Aircraft Company was the first of the 650 jet series. All aircrafts of these series are mid-sized and high-performance business jets, a necessary step to compete with the growing market of jets. The Citation VI and VII were a development of the Citation III.
The Citation III offers space for six or up to nine passengers in a high- density configuration and is powered by two Garrett turbofan engines.

The Citation VI was created as more economic version of the Citation III with a basic standardized avionic package an non-custom interior design.

The Citation VII was an upgrade of the Citation III with highly improved performance, advertised with a maximum cruise speed of 480 knots. The improved Garrett engines additionally allowed operating from higher altitude airfields during hotter weather.
Cessna Citation II / IISP / SII / Bravoon request
Year: 1990; TTAF: 6064h; Type: Jet; Location: United States, FL, Sarasota; Serial No.: 560-0121; Reg. No.: N560WR
Cessna Citation IIIon request
Year: 1985; TTAF: 10341h; Type: Jet; Location: United States; Serial No.: 650-0089; Reg. No.: N650RT
Cessna Citation VIon request
Year: 1992; TTAF: 9742h; Type: Jet; Location: United States, TX, Dallas; Serial No.: 650-0207; Reg. No.: N818SE
Cessna Citation VI, C- 650, APU, new overhauled enginesCAD 1,721,040
€ 1,200,000
EU tax paid
Year: 1992; TTAF: 9200h; Type: Jet; Location: Germany; IFR certified, IFR equipped, Always hangared, Commercially registered, EU-OPS 1 registered; Reg. No.: D-reg; Last annual: 10/2018